Interior doors – Linea Series

The doors of the Linea series transmit a modern and contemporary look to the home. The door wings are made of raw MDF, which allows different milling and elements - selected from a catalog or your own design, thus creating the uniqueness of your home! For the final coating we offer a wide selection of solid colors - white, pastel tones and 100% gloss. With the help of special paints and technologies, at the customer's request, a different level of matte effect of the wing can be achieved.

The doors can be rebate or without rebate, at your request.

The supporting frame of the sash is made of glued coniferous wood profile without studs. The door frame can be straight or rounded complete with respectively straight or round sills. The sash is edged with a 2 mm thick primer edging. The frame is edged with beech edging.

An option for a great addition to Linea interior doors are invisible (hidden) hinges, emphasizing the individual style of your door.

For these models we also offer an option with a silent magnetic lock, for even easier daily use of the door.

Different glazing options are possible for this series, and the decorative glasses make each door unique.

  • Manufactured by size

  • Wide variety of handles

  • Decorated glass with different ornaments

  • Individual solutions

  • Warranty - 2 years

Ledges with different profiles

This door series is offered with different ledge profiles, which can be transferred to the floor.

For more pictures and information about our products check our CATALOGUE (pdf) or contact us.