Manufacturing and sales of luxury security and interior doors

Who we are

The creation / production of doors has been our family business since 1994. We went through many stages. We started with a small garage production and a modest stand at the Plovdiv Fair. We reached 5 decares of production base, several showrooms in the country and a growing partner network.

We have produced tens of thousands of doors for our customers. We have completed thousands of small and large projects.

During all these years, our team and management have been united by one goal - to produce doors that bring security to our customers. To buy only once an armored door for your apartment. Let's install the interior doors once and let them serve you all the years without any problems. So that you can sleep peacefully - and so do we, knowing that we have provided you with the best solution without compromise. To be proud of our products and brand over time.

Our leadership is in the hands of the 3rd generation manager. To our great joy, we already have many cases of the 3rd generation of clients. We look forward to the future and work hard to improve our products and services.

Because this is our calling.
Let's make doors. Only doors.
And we are good at that.
Because we realize our responsibility.