Doors for houses

"The entrance door has a central role in home arrangement by attracting positive energy and filtering bad energy from the outside"

Each  door can be made according to an individual design - solutions with single-leaf or double-leaf doors, built-in double-glazed windows, decorative grilles are possible.

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The general characteristics of the doors for a house are the special workmanship and coating, guaranteeing the strength and insulating qualities needed for a door exposed to different climatic conditions - rain, snow, moisture, heat, etc.

In this model, doors, sash and frame must be resistant to weather conditions, as well as strong enough for intensive use.
The doors of this series have CE marking, covering certain parameters for wind loads, water resistance, acoustic characteristics, temperature conductivity and air tightness.

As with our armored doors, here you have a large selection of high quality locking systems - single-sided and three-sided cartridge locks, high-end cartridges manufactured by leading European companies. All doors have a protector (protection) on the cartridge, which contributes to the level of security and its proper functionality.

House doors can be double or triple, depending on the size of the opening. The wings can be symmetrical and asymmetrical, active and passive. In all models there is a possibility for glazing with double glazing. We offer a variety of types of glass and stained glass, as well as different models of decorative grilles and other accessories.

For each of the series can be made and special decorative trim in tune with the overall design of your house.

All Diadoors are produced by individual size! Sampling is done free of charge by our specialized team, after signing a contract for the manufacture of a door in our showroom.