Diadoors – custom order security, entrance and interior doors. Sofia, Plovdiv

Welcome to Diadoors - The World of Doors!

Welcome to Diadoors – the trademark symbol of security and excellent design. Diadoors is a Bulgarian, door manufacturer. We have the pleasure, to introduce you to our collection of security, entrance and interior doors. You can find Diadoors doors at our company shorwrooms in Plovdiv and Sofia.

Diadoors Ltd. is a Bulgarian company –manufacturer of custom doors. With experience, dating back to 1994, the company is established in the market with its high end security and interior doors from the Diadoors brand.  

All doors are made to individual size in our production base in Kuklen.

This site is for informational purposes only. All contracts for manufacture, delivery and installation are carried out in our representative shores.

There you will receive the most complete information, you will be able to view samples and accessories and get a price offer for your door.

All doors are issued with a warranty card, a copy of the contract and any other accompanying documentation.

Diadoors – Precise with every detail in the manufacturing of Your doors with individual size!