Ergonomic Doors Diadoors

The right distribution of space is important in your home – a suitable solution are the ergonomic doors - sliding, folding, rotating. These doors manage space intelligently through correct distribution of rooms and the creation of more useful space.

  • Manufactured by size
  • Various window choices
  • Wide range of colors

Sliding doors near a wall

With overhead mounting and decorated guide, covering the rail.

Folding doors

Offered with symmetrical and asymmetrical wings.

Rotating doors

Opens through pushing the wing in either direction.

Construction for integration Ermetika

When spaces needs to be redistributed – for example building a new wall or removing an existing door- a very suitable choice is the steel galvanized construction Ermetika. Plasterboard is put directly over the construction, and the door slides in this "pocket". This way the space in front and behind the door is completely usable, the rail for sliding is hidden, and the door can easily be revised or renewed if needed. Warranty of the construction – 15 years.

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